Weightlifting, Powerlifting & Bodybuilding Gym T-Shirts

Essential Fitness now offers top of the line crossift apparel, bodybuilding clothing and powerlifting clothing that is designed to meet your demands in and out of the gym. These shirts will hold up to the most grueling workouts, lounging around or for a night on the town. Essential Fitness Apparel T-shirts have got you covered no matter what your demands for a quality shirt are.


Is There A Difference Between Crossfit Apparel, Bodybuilding Clothing & Powerlifting Apparel?

For the most part the answer on this is no as the difference in these types of clothing come down to personal preference and the message the brand brings to the table. What we have found is most people, whether they are participating in bodybuilding, powerlifting or Crossfit is they want a comfortable shirt that is breathable but that also looks great.

Being that we are fitness enthusiasts ourselves we wanted the exact same thing in a shirt when we set out to develop our own line of fitness apparel. We spent months trying different types of shirts that had various fabric blends, colors and more until we got the combination right. We know that great reputations are hard fought to maintain and after the success of our wrist wraps we wanted to make sure that same commitment to quality and performance carried over to our apparel line.


Get Featured!

One thing that never gets old for us is hearing from our customers about how our products have performed for them. Whether this is through an email or a post on social media, we love the feedback we get from everyone that uses Essential Fitness products. That’s why we would love to feature you on our website and on our social media properties enjoying your Essential Fitness purchase. To get featured all you have to do is use the hashtag #essentialfitnessapparel and tag us @essentialfitgear in your post on Instagram. We will then repost your image on our Instagram page, Facebook page and right here on essentialfitnessgear.com. To make it even sweeter we will also provide you with a $5 off coupon that you can use on a future purchase with Essential Fitness.

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