Essential Fitness Weightlifting Wrist Straps

Weight lifting straps are a great product that can help you get more out of your lifts and workouts without having to worry about your hands giving out before your your muscles do. This is why the best weightlifting wrist straps are a gym bag essential for any bodybuilder, powerlifter, crossfitter, or even the weekend warrior to get more out of their workouts. When utilized effectively they can help you reach those personal bests at a much quicker pace compared to just your natural grip strength, especially later in your workouts when you’re already tired and want to get every little bit out of your workout you can.


Weightlifting Straps vs Natural Grip Strength: Which Way Is Better?

There are many out there that look down on weightlifting straps because they feel that by using them you will limit your hand strength and your ability to increase it over time. While this is an understandable stance to take, it’s one that limits your overall muscle building progress to how much your hands can handle. For instance if you are performing deadlifts and you could do 2-3 more reps but your hands simply just can’t hang onto the bar for that many more reps. If you were using wrist straps then you would be able to perform those 2-3 extra reps, which would mean you would be getting the absolute most out of your workout. If you look at this over a period of month or even years, if you were to never use wrist straps and just rely on your hand strength then you would be limiting your overall progress simply because your hand strength can’t keep up with the rest of your body.

This doesn’t mean that you have to use weightlifting straps for every set and every movement you do as we think building your overall hand strength is a great thing to do. Instead what we recommend is to use wrist straps when you start approaching a weight where you know your hands will give out before your muscles will in a given exercise. So over the course of an entire workout you may be using your natural hand strength 80-90S% of the time and using weight lifting straps just 10-20% of the time. This balance has not just served us well but the athletes we sponsor also go by this method when it comes to wrist straps as well.


What Exercises Should Weight Lifting Straps Be Used For?

There can be some confusion as to when wrist straps are best utilized and even how to use them. The rule when it comes to when to use weightlifting straps is you first and foremost only use them on any movement that requires you to pull weight towards you or weight that is going against gravity. Some of the most common movements you can use wrist straps on is:

  • Lat Pulldown
  • Pull Ups
  • Bent Over Row
  • Dumbbell Rows
  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Deadlifts

There are more variations on some of those movements where weight lifting straps can be used but for the most part those are the exercises where wrist straps can really get their full benefit.


We’ve Been Voted The Best 

There are a lot of brands out there that claim they are the best but can’t back up those claims, well we feel we provide the best products but more importantly other sources and websites have voted us #1. These sites try and review dozens and dozens of wrist wrap and wrist strap brands out there and to be named the best is a great honor for us and something that we feel is a great badge of honor. But instead of us telling you all this, you can just see what others have said about our wrist wraps below but we bring the same quality to our weight lifting straps that we do our award winning wrist wraps.

The pair of wraps from Essential Fitness are, in our opinion, are the best wrist wraps you can currently get on the market today. Not only do they perform great with extra wide velcro straps that provide great support that is still comfortable, but they also look fantastic with the neon green and black. There isn’t another pair that we found that looked as good as these, plus they are superb in quality and performance. The Muscle Review

Even with all the success of our wraps, we are always still working to make our products better. We look for ways to improve the performance of our wraps, quality and making them look just as good as they perform. You can rest assure that our wraps are the best on the market now and will continue to be in the future as well.

What Our Customers Have To Say

More important than what other websites and sources have to say about our wraps is what our customers have to say about our products. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Essential Fitness Powerlifting Wrist Wraps.

I ordered this product (the Essential Fitness wraps) because I spend a lot of time in the gym and I have weak/bad wrists from back when I played football. I have ordered about 6 different wraps in the past from other companies and non of them worked as good as these do!! These are amazing! They give me great support which allows me to lift the weight I need to in order to push myself to my limits and reach my goals in the gym. They quality of these wraps are amazing as well. Just an all around great product! I give them 5 stars and would suggest them to anyone looking for a nice pair of wraps. These definitely did not disappoint! Even if you don’t have bad wrists I would suggest getting a pair and using them just so you keep from injuring your wrists in the future. They are really comfortable too!!! Def a solid product! Dustin Schmidly

I really love these wraps! I am a girl and people think its weird that I wear wraps… Well I love wearing them because they provide support for my wrists while I’m lifting weights! They are really comfortable and I love the colors that they come in! I would suggest to any females out there that they should get a pair of these! I get compliments on them all the time while I’m in the gym and I am very happy with my purchase. If your looking for some awesome wraps then look no further… These are them! You won’t be disappointed with this product! A+ in my book! Oksana

I have bought several pairs of wraps before, but these are way more durable than anything I have used before. Its impossible to find wraps with these cool colors as well. I would highly recommend these if you are looking for a great pair of wraps. Whether you lift everyday or just starting out, these will do the job!!! Brandon Roerick

Literally the best wraps I’ve ever used! I knew right away as soon as I put them on and even more once I used them during my workouts. These things are SOLID. Great support, awesome design, cool colors and superior craftsmanship. Tempted to buy another pair just to have when these need to be replaced, but these will prob last until the zombie apocalypse! Also, they look SICK!! Love Em!!

Terrance Maigi

These wraps by Essential Fitness are great. I got these for my fiance’ and he uses them uses them at the gym to stabilize his wrists during his workouts. He also says these are very comfortable to wear, even during an entire workout while still providing solid support. I have bought a couple of more pairs for him as he likes the different color combinations they are coming out with as well. Plain and simple these are great! J.M.

These wraps are very flexible but also really strong as well and they definitely secure my very weak wrists when doing pressing movements in the gym. I love doing bench press, dips, etc but I just can’t do them without the wrist support that these provide. Needless to say I highly recommend if you have similar problems.


I used to always have an ace type of wrap on hand because I sprain my wrists very easily and I am prone to carpal tunnel in general. I decided to try these out, not only while I work out but when I do any heavy lifting and I’ve noticed considerably less pain n my wrists after I exercise. Additionally the color is bright, bold, and fun as well. The material is great, even the velcro strap is very strong, it’s not going to give up on you and fall off. I am a 5’4″ 105lb female and these securely fir around my wrists as well as my boyfriend’s who is much larger than I am. The quality of these wraps is top notch! Would definitely recommend! Sharli Williamson

My husband really likes these wraps. They fit comfortably without squeezing or pinching while lifting. They fastened on securely with the wide strap so they didn’t move around or come off during his workout. He could tell a big difference between lifting with and without the wraps. He felt more stable and could feel the wrist support. Overall, a good investment if you are going to do exercise that requires wrist support.


As someone who has been into weightling and even powerlifting to a certain extent for close to 10 years, I have your typical achy joints and things like that. My wrists over the years have taken a beating and I was in need of something to give me some support during my heavy bench press days and a friend of mine recommend Essential Fitness wraps so I figured I would give them a shot. Now I’ve tried my fair share of wraps over the years but these wraps from Essential Fitness are hand down the best I have ever used. My wirsts have never felt better and not to mention I love the way these bad boys look. I get a new pair every time they release a new color and looking forward to getting even more. Do yourself a favor and get a pair of these! Curtis Davis

I’m not one to leave reviews but I just had to this time because I love my wraps from EF! The color is awesome, the support of the wrpas is top notch and the customer service is awesome as I got my order just a couple of days after placing my order. I really can’t say enough about these wraps other than I will be getting more pairs in different colors so I can match them with whatever I’m wearing at the gym that day.

Ed Peterson

I was able to bench press about 12 pounds more than usual the first day I started using these wraps. It was great benching with the feel of my wrists fully braced and secure. Not to mention the next day after a pretty heavy bench day my wrists weren’t sore or achy at all. These are a lift saver for anyone wanting to maximize their strength numbers. Ramon Brown

I have a history of tendonitis and issues with my wrists from years of playing guitar and other stringed instruments, so needless to say my wirsts are a real weak point of mine. As I’ve gotten stronger I’ve noticed a real limiting factor in continuing my progress is my wrists as there are times when I can’t even do pressing movements due to the pain in my wirsts. I went out looking for some wraps that were truly great and I got a bunch of different brands to try them out to find some that really help me. Well I needless to say I took the other wraps I tried back and I’m strictly an Essential Fitness wraps guy. These babies have been a life saver as I can now do my workouts without even having to think about the pain that is usually in my wrists. I have bought every color they have and I will get even more as they release them. A++++++

Steve Johnson

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